H+A engineer appointed to UP advisory board


Kristen E. Lipscomb, Ph.D., an associate at Hayes + Associates, Inc., has been appointed to a newly formed industry advisory board established at the University of Portland on behalf of students enrolled in a recently-established master’s degree program in biomedical engineering.

The BME board will meet twice annually. Its membership of approximately 10 advisors consists of industry experts, along with UP faculty. The master’s degree in BME, which has been available for about four years at UP, is a one-year (12-month) program with hands-on experience and an internship requirement. Students are enrolled in small classes of 10 to 15 with a focus on preparation for work in the industry; the program is not thesis based. 

The mission of the new advisory board is to provide strategic-level advice to the M-BME Program Faculty at the University of Portland. The board’s goals are to serve as a liaison to the public and private sectors of the industry, advise students on planning and establishing priorities, support the development of summer employment and placement of graduates, discuss the program with students and provide counsel/advice to the department, and increase support for the school.

Founded in 1901, the University of Portland hosts about 4,250 students and offers more than 40 undergraduate programs, 18 graduate programs and 230 minors. The school of engineering has four undergraduate programs (civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science), and two graduate programs, in biomedical engineering and engineering.

Dr. Lipscomb was invited to join the BME board by a former fellow graduate student, Jennifer Symons, Ph.D, who is an assistant professor of mechanical and biomedical engineering at UP.

An associate at H+A since 2014, Dr. Lipscomb completed her B.S. in mechanical engineering at University of Delaware in 2006, an M.S. in biomedical engineering in 2008 at the University of Minnesota, and a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at the University of California-Davis in 2014.