Hayes + Associates Videos

This is a small selection of videos created to help visualize the scenarios in question.

Visualization created to demonstrate where a bicyclist was stopped when struck by a city bus.

A hole in the fencing at a race track allowed a rock projected from the tire of a race car to strike a woman sitting in the stands in the head causing skull fracture and serious brain injury.

A driver of a car passes cyclists traveling 30 mph on a mountain road while driving 45 mph then stops on the roadway. This animation demonstrates that the cyclists did not have enough time to adequately react to the sudden braking and avoid a collision.

A 25 year-old man was assisting in the unloading of cargo from an airplane into a truck. Once the truck was stopped about 18" from the plane, he stepped between the truck and the airplane. As the truck driver was preparing to exit the vehicle, the truck continued to move backwards, crushing the man between the vertical edge of the open truck door and the airplane, causing bilateral basilar skull fractures, resulting in a coma.

While dining at a restaurant a patron was struck on the head by a light fixture that had fallen from the ceiling. Could the impact have caused the patron to suffer a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI).

This visualization created using vehicle simulation data, testimonial evidence and photographic documentation of skid marks and vehicle damaged was used to walk the jury through this incident.

The driver of the truck did not have enough time to avoid a collision with a car upon seeing the car pull out into his lane. As a result, the truck was t-boned, resulting in a rollover.

The design of this jump allowed users to get enough speed to land on the flat bottom instead of a gradually decreasing slope, resulting in catastrophic neck injuries for the skier represented in this animation.

Short animation made using serial CT (Computer Tomography) images of a person's lumbar spine containing a device originally approved for replacing vertebral bodies, but was instead used as an intervertebral disc replacement. The deice can be seen penetrating the end plates of the adjacent vertebral bodies.

While driving a forklift containing a heavy A-Frame, a driver suffered serious injury when the A-frame became dislodged and hit him on the head.

This animation was created to demonstrate how a stabbing victim received his wounds from a man he had in a headlock.

Visualization of a construction worker who fell through a ceiling tile in the L.A. Convention center


This animation was created to demonstrate that there was only one story (Rule-In Scenario) comporting with the facts of the case.